Brief History

        The company was established in 1993. Since the establishment of Health Care Fund [Presently National Health Fund - NFZ], we have offered a wide range of charge-free services. After the transformation of Health Care Fund into National Health Fund (NFZ), we have kept extending the service contract year on year, with professional diligence uppermost always in our mind.


We have occupied the present premises since 2005. Our topmost priority has always been the high quality of the services rendered, but also the overall comfort of our patients and personnel. It is for this very reason that we have focused on investing in new, state-of-the-art technologies, as ergonomics is all-important for our medical staff.


In 2005, we have commenced collaboration with Dr Marcin Wisniewski, MD, and with Straumann STRAUMANN - a manufacturer of dental implants we have in our regular offer. In 2009, we executed collaboration agreements with Dr Wieslaw Frankowski, MD - a dental specialist from Sopot, and Dr Pawel Niewada, MD, from Warsaw, and only recently with an orthodontic surgeon Dr Marek Rybicki, MD. We also offer dental implants manufactured by Astra Tech Dental and Nobel Biocare. We actively attend numerous training schemes and academic conferences. Our implantologists boast a number of certificates attesting to their excellence, which had been awarded to them in recognition of their professional expertise in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and USA. They also hold proud membership of prestigious dental implantology associations throughout the world.

Our philosophy

        Bearing in mind overall comfort of our patients, overall safety and the highest possible standard of all medical services rendered, we have always opted for the purchase of brand-new medical equipment only, frequently customised to accommodate our specific technical requirements. Owing to logistic constraints and the trust we hold in our business partners, all our equipment originates from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


Electronic equipment like the USG units are supplied by TMS Sp. z o.o. (exclusive representative of Toshiba Medical System since 1994) which also offers a comprehensive, fully authorised repair and maintenance service package. Since 2011 we can also boast the patronage of KaVo - one of the three market leaders in the manufacture of dental equipment. This gave us a welcome opportunity to have all our existing equipment replaced with brand-new one. (For more details on our medical equipment please look >>>here<<<). There are only a few companies in Poland that boast such a prestigious patronage.


Worth mentioning is also the fact that MEDICO pays great attention to the interior design of all its premises in the way promoting overall feeling of comfort for both its patients and medical personnel. Apart from taking good care of our equipment through regular maintenance and servicing, we also make sure that our premises always look their best and please the eye. In 2012, we intend to commence the construction of a brand-new Operating Suite with an Intensive Care Unit and several Postoperative Recovery Rooms.


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